Internship Projects – a win-win for all

A well implemented internship could bring benefits that would multiply through the years

Tue Jul 20, 2021

Internship Projects – a win-win for all

A well implemented internship could bring benefits that would multiply through the years

The year must have been 2005-06 when we started the internship programme in Shree Cement and have continued with it year on year. Every year, we take students from the IITs, IIMs and other premiere Business Schools, who spend 8 weeks with us every summer, working on a case/project, and by the end of it they present their observations and submit a report.

This leads to a question, why do we need interns, why do organisations take interns, as a matter of fact, why do colleges have internships as a part of their curriculum.

1. Build an Employer Brand: The process of reaching out, selection, and internship period, gives students an exposure to the processes, policies and life in the organisation.

2. Foster leadership skills in current employees: In the process of mentoring and supervising interns, people gain leadership skills. Mentoring and guiding others often motivates people to hold themselves more accountable and become effective leaders. Getting trained while training others, a simple way to multiply leadership.

3. A fresh perspective: A new set of eyes brings a new perspective that can change the status quo and provide new solutions.

4. Introduction to new techniques and technology: College students learn new strategies, techniques and technology and an interns can give us direct access to all of them.

5. Test-drive talent: Working with someone for 8 weeks, gives a chance to evaluate the on various parameters, a benefit that an interview process can seldom provide.

There are numerous other benefits of internship projects and the process if implemented well can have benefits that multiply through the years.

We are sharing a few internship projects which includes the presentation and detailed report shared by students. The last page also includes a space for you to give your feedback or suggestions. You could check them here.

Learning together has compounding benefits!

#LearningisFun #LearnEveryday

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